There are still places available on the highly acclaimed Twin Oaks Photography Courses this coming Autumn.

• Find your way around your camera and become more confident with the use of the controls
• Understand which lens to use and when
• Ensure your images are sharply focused
• Take well exposed images
• Improve the image by using methods such as controlling depth of field, freezing/blurring movement, intentional camera movement
• Download images from the camera onto a computer.
• Improve your composition, by following or breaking the ‘so called’ rules
Topics covered
• Camera equipment & accessories
• Image Quality (ISO & File formats Jpeg, Tiff, Raw etc.)
• What the best focusing & metering modes
to use
• Exposure
• F-stops, shutter speed, shooting in Aperture/Shutter speed mode
• White Balance
• Basic Composition
• Getting the images from camera to your pc

• Basic editing in Adobe lightroom
10th, 11th, 12th and 17th, 18th, 19th November 2017
PHONE 02380 812305